How It Works

Debt reduction or “debt settlement”  is a process by which your creditors will agree to accept a lower amount than you actually owe them. Many consumers attempt to settle their debt through personal negotiation however this can be overwhelming for some and you need to understand how the process works. If you are over $10,000 in unsecured debt, are late on your payments and would like to avoid bankruptcy you could qualify to utilize the services of a debt reduction service.

The best debt reduction services will provide debt help and counseling free of charge, however fees will be attached once enrolled into the program. They will be able to reduce a significant portion of your debt and help you develop a strategy to regain control of your finances if you complete the entire duration of the program.

Once you fill out the short form you should expect to get contacted by a debt relief specialist within 24 hours to go over how their program works and you can determine if that would be wise for your financial situation.

Generally, if you have over $10,000 in unsecured debt it almost always makes financial sense to opt for debt settlement especially in this market if you have a desire to avoid bankruptcy. Creditors are very concerned about collecting on their debts and you as the consumer can capitalize and save a significant portion of your unsecured debt. Professional debt help has never been so advantageous for the consumer.

A consequence of debt settlement is a lower credit score. This lower credit score is only temporary however and is much more advantageous than declaring bankruptcy. If you are willing to accept a lower credit score for a few years then you can literally reduce a significant percentage of your unsecured debt for good.